Our Technology

insureadvice.com is a new search engine with a groundbreaking indexing technology.

Recent developments in Neuroscience and Brain Science have given us a deeper understating on the human brain: The most efficient indexing machine ever built.

insureadvice.com mimics the way the human brain indexes memories.

Our Vision

insureadvice.com runs on a small cluster of commodity servers with a ridiculously low maintenance costs of only a few hundreds dollars a month.

The innovative technology brings down the costs of the search business, moving us closer to our vision:

Making large scale indexing systems cheap and easy.

Our Services

insureadvice.com is also accessible via a free and unlimited API.

Billions of webpages, images and news with a single OneClick API.

We don't charge you. We don't track you. We don't limit you. We don't show ads.



e-mail: [email protected]

address: 505 Peacock Court .Naperville, IL 60565